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margaret atwood

Practical Utopias: An Exploration of the Possible

Collectively tackle humanity's most pressing challenges and play a part in designing a better future alongside cultural icon Margaret Atwood, special guests, and a global learning community.

Start date: Sept 20, 2022
Learn Live with
Roger Martin

Create Your Winning Strategy

Welcome to the Roger Martin School of Business! Due to overwhelming demand, Roger is opening his second cohort in May for this 4-week live learning experience that equips CEOs, business leaders, and strategists with the frameworks and skills to create winning strategy.

Now accepting applications for the Oct 2022 session
Learn Live with
Ariel garten

Better Sleep, Better You

Build the habits needed to get the best sleep of your life in this 6-week live learning experience in partnership with Muse.


What people are saying about Disco Studios:

“Disco, the all-in-one-platform to build live learning communities, is the perfect partner to bring this global, virtual, collaborative learning experience to life. Think of “Practical Utopias” as a sort of sandbox for grownups: the construction of imaginary communities with real solar cookers in them. Welcome to the future… we hope.”

Margaret Atwood
Inventor, Teacher, Award-winning Author

“I have chosen to work with Disco because I think its vision for the future of education and the role of creators in it is the most insightful and forward-thinking of any organization in the space. I am excited to be doing one of Disco’s first courses and can’t wait to get started!”

Roger Martin
Writer, Strategy Advisor, #1 Management Thinker

“The Disco team is so incredibly knowledgeable in what makes truly great learning experiences. I’ve run lots of courses, and the skills I have learned from Disco have really up-levelled this virtual offering, and anything I’ll do in future! Moreover, the live learning aspect means that I can have greater engagement with my consumers than ever before, while still creating something that is easily repeatable and scalable.”

Ariel Garten
Brain Scientist & Co-Founder, Muse
Full service solutions

For Organizations Looking to Design and Deliver Exceptional Learning Experiences

We help with:

Strategy and Design

Based on your goals, expertise, and intellectual property, we co-create a strategy and end-to-end design of a scalable live learning experience that translates your groundbreaking ideas into the most powerful learner transformations.


Marketing and Sales

We partner with you to develop the best marketing and sales strategy and executions to ensure your experience is oversubscribed and helps propel the growth of your overall brand.

Curriculum and Community Design

Our experienced team develops a learner-centric curriculum with community at the core that harnesses the power of live learning - accountability, support, feedback, reflection, and action.


Facilitation and Operations

We bring your vision to life with our course operations, Disco-certified facilitators, and world-class talent you need to run and scale your business.

November 29, 2021

Announcing Disco Studios!

Disco.co, the live learning platform, launches Disco Studios, a full service solution to help creators and organizations launch, market, and scale transformational learning experiences.

The Disco Platform

We use our award-winning, all-in-one Disco platform to build and deliver transformative learning experiences and meaningfully engage your learners.


Learning Experiences

Easily design, build and run incredible learning experiences that transform your learners and build your brand.


Everything you need under one roof to engage, grow and build connections with your learning community.


Easily plug-in your existing tools like Zoom, Slack and Stripe so you can focus on what you do best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these live learning experiences all virtual?

Yes! We work with thought leaders and organizations to design engaging and interactive live learning experiences that are entirely online, providing global reach.

How is Disco Studios different from the Disco technology platform?

Not only does Disco Studios leverage our award-winning all-in-one Disco technology platform, but it also provides thought leaders and organizations with the expertise to design, market & sell, operate, and scale transformative live learning experiences.

How do I get started working with Disco Studios?

Get in touch to work with us here.

How do I become a Disco-certified partner? 

We are looking for great partners and talent in all areas of virtual live learning to help organizations and thought leaders build transformative live learning experiences. Email us at studios@disco.co for more info.